REACT private equity firm which uses big data to identify attractive assets raises £73m

REACT private equity firm which uses big data to identify attractive assets raises £73m
Oparo, a real estate and computer technology (REACT) private equity firm, has announced its inaugural raise

Oparo’s proprietary technology flags financially stressed and distressed assets by using big data and machine learning to forecast and identify the most attractive assets and regions in the UK, including those that require structured finance solutions.

Following two years of technological refinement and six months of forging relationships with investment partners, the firm — which was founded by Toby Wilde (pictured above) — announced its inaugural raise with six investment partners, that have committed £73m of capital.

The investors include family offices, established developers, a PRS fund and a housing association.
The firm, and its partners, are currently acquiring development land across the UK for 150 new units.

It is also appraising 500-1,000 new value enhancement opportunities each month.


"The key to our success (and the proptech industry as a whole) will be collaboration, and a team who understand real estate economics, big data and technology,” said Toby.

“It is no secret that, within real estate investment, sourcing the ‘right’ deals has become harder — the key is being agile when the right opportunity presents itself. 

“I am delighted that Oparo has found the right investment partners who share our vision.
“The lessons that we have learned in tech about co-creation and collaboration have been applied to our real estate investment strategy.”

Its executive team includes CEO, Babak Gharbi, former managing director at HSBC and CitiGroup, CIO, Alexander Shepherd, and CTO, Paul Wiseman.

Oparo believes that REACT funds will revolutionise real estate investment through speed of appraisal and informed decision making.