Toby Wilde, Founder of Oparo Group is passionate about construction and the building of lasting well serviced communities.

He has an established track record in this space coming from the multi-generational Milne real estate family, who have delivered thousands of homes for Local Authorities and Housing Associations and in particular in the Supported, Sheltered and Retirement Community spaces in the Thames Valley. 

The family also founded one of the U.K.'s first real estate funds under the  BES scheme of the 1980s which was sold in the mid-nineties to a PLC.

Having gained vital experience as both a developer and a development consultant,  Toby used those fine-tuned skills to be one of the Founding Partners of Sprift.com, a revolutionary property data aggregating platform and one of the U.K.'s best known PropTech businesses. 

In 2019 he founded the Oparo Group, which was the first algorithm driven real estate investment company in the U.K. which then focused upon Social Impact. Oparo was the culmination of Toby’s passion for construction and his dedication to make a difference to people’s lives by delivering world class social housing projects designed about communities and their development.

Toby has previously volunteered with Ruskin Mill, the special education needs trust, and the Sophie Hayes Foundation for survivors of human trafficking.

Toby is proud of the fact that Oparo Social, with its Housing Association Partners has to date delivered over a hundred and thirty Homes for vulnerable adults in London.  

A regular speaker at events and writer on PropTech, real estate and real estate economics.