Toby Wilde Joins The Board of Family Owned Business

Toby Wilde Joins The Board of Family Owned Business

Twenty years after beginning his working life as a Labourer on one of the family’s development sites, Toby Wilde is proud to announce that he has joined the board of his third-generation family property business.

“I’ve always been very proud of my family’s achievements in property and it gives me great pride to be the next steward to take the business forward. I’ve had an exciting and rewarding career thus far and am pleased to get more involved in the business which influenced me so heavily growing up and that ultimately guided me to a career in Real Estate” Toby Wilde

Before joining the Board, Toby helped the company in an advisory capacity seeking new opportunities and helping with the strategic divestment programme.

About Milne Builders

Milne Builders Ltd was formerly part of The Milne Group, a company that came from humble beginnings. During the 1970s-1990s, The business grew to be one of the largest independent Property businesses in the south of England and Thames Valley.

During the Group’s history, it had many achievements including:

  • Construction
    • Thousands of Houses and Apartments
    • University Campuses
    • Schools
    • Purpose Built Student Accomodation
    • Hospitals
    • Libraries
    • Fire Stations
    • Factories
    • Office Buildings
    • Leisure Centres
    • Community Centres
    • Churches
    • Care Homes
    • Over-55s Sheltered Accomodation
  • Acquired a large Engineering Company founded in 1937
  • Acquired a Regional Scaffolding Company
  • Acquired one of it’s largest public sector contract competitors owned by the same family since 1954
  • Launced a Real Estate Fund under Margaret Thatcher’s BES scheme of the late 1980’s which sold to a PLC
  • A1 NHBC Status

Following the crash of crash of 1992, Milne Builders continued the family heritage, the business re-focused exclusively on Property Developments and Planning Up-Lifts.

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