Will Mallard – My Property World Conversations Podcast

Will Mallard – My Property World Conversations Podcast





How does a property investment house and a property tech business get started?


What's really the difference between West London and rest of the country?


The best question to sort out whether you are just wasting your time with someone....


A hilarious series of stories plus some raw family regrets from inside a small branch of an estate agency, property deals, big developments, land deals and the challenges of being in business with people.


Another property founder profile that goes back into every market high and low for the past 30 years in UK property.


Toby Wilde as founder of Oparo Group shares all things great and small in property in this easy to listen-to podcast about the winding road of his career in property.


About Will Mallard


Will Mallard has a series of exclusive conversations with some very special property investment/property sector people on the what, where, why and how of creating value and making money in property.


Many of them are working away doing great things behind the scenes and we find out what they do, how they got into these positions plus discuss where it all comes together.


Will Mallard is a social impact investor focused on English social housing portfolios with partners.







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