Focus On Why Podcast – Evolution of Data with Toby Wilde

Focus On Why Podcast – Evolution of Data with Toby Wilde

Toby Wilde has a vision for the future of real estate which is why he founded OPARO a Real Estate and Computer Technology (REACT) firm which is algorithm-based, people-driven and has real estate investment at its heart.

In this Focus on WHY podcast episode, Toby shares WHY he works in the PropTech sector and why he is disrupting and redefining both investment and finance methodology in the UK Real Estate market using proprietary technology. For Toby, it is this evolution of data and algorithms that will drive future real estate investment decisions.

Toby addresses the importance of due diligence, trust, innovation and future-proofing. He also talks of how building the business with the right people around him will allow it to scale quickly.

Recently Toby was asked what Oparo does and he wrote a post to provide clarity behind the offerings of Oparo to avoid being deemed esoteric. I believe this podcast helps to explain further not only what Oparo provides but also WHY it has been founded.

“Don't force yourself to be an entrepreneur. Don't force yourself to be something you're not. Be resilient and never be afraid to keep on getting back up and keep on fighting the good fight. The most important thing you can have is resilience.”